So everyone knows the Atlantic Monthly ran an article asking yet again "Can women have it all?" to which Jessica Valenti responded with a hilarious compilation of stock photographs showing the dire stock-photo lives of the archetypal "Sad white babies with mean feminist mommies."


I'd just like to add to that that it's an archetype that long pre-dates the stock photography industry, in the world of image-making. Witness, below, satirical drawings by Honoré Daumier, in Les Bas Bleus (The Bluestockings) depicting the dangers that can happen in the home of educated women.

18th century, darlings, and look how far the conversation has not come:


If women are allowed access to education, their houses will fall into disarray and their babies into the bathwater...


...and their poor beleaguered husbands left to fend for themselves in child-rearing.


As the French say, "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose."


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