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"Life's a bowl of cherries,
you can have as many as you can carry.
Someone once said life's like a cow,
but I don't know how
that applies."

--Daniel Johnston

"May we never have a story we can't find words to tell."

--Utonki blessing

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”

― Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest

This lj is where I write all the stuff I want to remember, for various reasons--because it's good, mostly, or because I learned something from it. After well over a decade, I daresay there's enough here to count as some worthwhile train reading. I try to use tags to keep it all straight.

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acoustic guitar, advertising, african dance, alternative photographic processes, andy warhol, arrested development, art, art museums, art spoofs, bearded ladies, bessie smith, biking, billie holliday, bloomsbury, books of all kinds, bright eyes, buddhism, celebrity gossip, cheesecake, chianti, chihuahuas, cindy sherman, circus poster art, coffee, colette, contemporary art, cooking creatively, corsetry, corsets, costumes, crooked fingers, cultivating joy, dancing badly, dia de los muertos, dogs, dogs in clothing, dorothy parker, e. e. cummings, eating, edith wharton, ella fitzgerald, fabric, feminism, fondue, food, france, french film, gay rights, glass art, graphic design, hatha yoga, hats, human tetris, indian food, jewelry, jewelry design, johnny cash, jolie holland, kahlil gibran,, knitting, kooky fashion, leonard cohen, literacy, lomography, lyle lovett, making things, man ray, marathon, marc chagall, marilyn monroe, marketing, max ernst, microlending, milan kundera, mixing plaids and stripes, museums, mythology, new york, oil painting, old photographs, outsider art, painting, paris, pet portraiture, photobooths, photography, photoshop, photoshop disasters, pinup art, playing music badly, poetry, poker, polaroids, pop art, reading, red wine, running, sarah moon, scarves, second-rate literature, secular humanism, sequins, serge gainsburg, sewing, shiny things, singing badly, smart people, spirituality, sudoku, surrealism, sushi picnics, swearing in french, taoism, tattoos, texas hold 'em, the be good tanyas, tom waits, traveling, vegetarianism, vintage porn, walls painted bright colors, wine, words, yarn, yoga
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