Because the internet is my friend this evening, I present to you the earliest "Plus Sized" advertising in women's fashion, courtesy of Lane Bryant, the company that first brought us clothing to fit in larger sizes.

If you are not slender...

not slender

...or if you're downright stout...



(Insert confession here: I totally want a Gay printed percale frock. I just do.)

Perhaps you prefer another term:


Lane Bryant's your source:

Lane Bryant

I also present to you the latest So-and-so, to show you how each time the story gets recycled, it is exactly the same. This one's about Whitney Thompson, who was the first "plus sized" winner of the t.v. reality show "America's Next Top Model" ...and from the very same source, our friends at People Magazine:

Whitney Thompson

And who, for some reason, in spite of having a "winning" appearance, gets so Photoshopped in her pictures that she looks like a character from the Sims:

Sims Whitney

Notice how both Laina Pecora and Whitney Thompson's articlesj, nearly 20 years apart, begin with a statement about how (unlike other models) they EAT. Oh, my god! They take in food that is necessary for the sustaining of life! Can you imagine an article about a man, in any field, that makes his most remarkable, headlining feature the fact that he can take in food??

Whoo, boy, have we ever come a long way, baby!
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