Yeah, sure...but there's no guarantee he's bringing you through it alive. Remember Job? He's the star of the tale...but what happened to his wife? His sons? How do you know if you're the protagonist, or just somebody who gets killed along the way, the sidekick to somebody else's journey "through it"?

No, I'm pretty sure you inherit that. Never heard of anyone yet who's succeeded in willpowering their way to a new genetic code. Or, you know, shit happens to it along the illness, and injury, and all sorts of stuff...unless you think you've earned that, too.

Oh, honey, that's only if you haven't done nearly enough.

Nope, that's called "my husband's workplace". God, who comes up with these things?

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daphnep: (barbie)
( Dec. 8th, 2006 11:37 am)
Dear website designers:
If you're going to make those "type the sequence of letters/numbers in the following box of mishmashed stuff, to prove to us you're not a spam-bot" things case-sensitive, you need to use a font in which case is apparent even after the letters are randomized and made different sizes. Without comparing relative sizes, it is very hard to tell if an "S" is uppercase or lowercase.

Along the same lines, it seems you messed up on your "textual confirmation code" as well. You asked "What is one plus one?" To which the correct answer should be "two." IF you were looking for "2" as the correct answer, you should have posed the question as "What is 1 + 1?" Got it? You suck.

-Daphne P. Winnabago


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