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( Apr. 21st, 2009 12:31 pm)
I've been crazy busy. I have done so much in the past few days, I can't even begin to sum it up here. I am tired and my shoulders are aching.

HOWEVER, we have a vegetable garden. That is the best, most important Good Thing, and the best, most important result of the last few days.

And my hawk babies are growing and doing quite well:

I love when Mama is sitting on them and one of them pokes out from under, like "HEY! What's going on out here!" And then, here, they all came popping out, one after the other: Wobble, Bobble, and Doddy, all three. It's nice, out, for a moment. They want to look around and soak up the day.

Earlier today, Papa stopped by for a feeding. He and Mama got all kissy-face with each other. (Actually, they're ripping apart some bloody pigeon guts. But I like to call it "kissing".) Red-tailed hawks mate for life, by the way.

After weeks and weeks of waiting and watching, two baby hawks are here, and one is on its way!!!!

I had to work on Friday, so I took my paid holiday "Good Friday" day today, to hang out with Dan on his day off. In the afternoon, we walked by the Franklin Institute and looked up at the nest from the ground for a few minutes, wondering if we'd see a hawk come or go.

We did not. We got back home and check the camera, however, and found that hatching action has been going on all day long. We were probably standing there, staring at the nest from the bottom, about the time chick number two flopped its weary way out of its shell.

This is amazing. (Yes, Murphy, amazing. I am amazed.)

Live feed:

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV

ETA: I just got to watch mama hawk feed baby #1. Baby chick#2 seems too exhausted from the effort of hatching to eat just yet. She/he flops around with pathetic little stumps of wings, for now. But baby#1, in spite of having a newborn's wobbly head, is very hungry and takes little strips of mouse from the mama (which she strips off of a variety of mice she now has cached around the nest.) Mama pulls of a bloody strip, and baby chick wobbles with open beak to get it. They are very gentle. And the chicks are very fluffy. I think I love them.
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( Mar. 16th, 2009 05:29 pm)
Red-tailed hawks have built a nest on a ledge at the Franklin Institute, overlooking the Parkway.

Dan has been watching them wheeling and soaring from his job on the Parkway. Then, he heard the news about the nest, and that the Franklin Institute has set up a camera inside the window so that we can all watch the hawk family live, online, whenever the sun is up.

We like to keep a window open on the computer so we can keep tabs on their comings and goings. Two days ago, there were two eggs. Sunday, we were out of town and missed the activities, but today, a THIRD egg is there.

A few minutes ago, I was watching the eggs while the feathers lining the nest flutter around, and cars roll by in the background. Then, I looked up, and there she was: the mama hawk. The mama and papa take turns sitting on the nest. (I can't tell them apart, but Dan can.) Dan and I take turns fretting over their well-being. When the eggs are uncovered, we check the temperature out and wonder if the eggs are warm enough, if the parents have been gone too long, etc.

I'm sure they will be fine, but I will fret for them just the same. I can't wait until the eggs hatch, and we can watch hawk chickies do their hawk chick thing. This is way, way better than the Discovery Channel, even.

[Edited to add the link to the webcam: http://www2.fi.edu/hawknest.php]


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