I was riding home on the trolley the other day when I passed a park, where the trees were dressed in sweaters.

They are mostly cut-up sweaters and sleeves of sweaters, to which buttons have been added to make them fit the tree.

Two lucky trees, however, are wearing hand-knit sweaters, in orange and yellow stripes.

It made me really happy, to live in a neighborhood where someone dresses trees, and sometimes when graffiti happens, it's hand-made, with yarn.

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( Mar. 16th, 2009 05:29 pm)
Red-tailed hawks have built a nest on a ledge at the Franklin Institute, overlooking the Parkway.

Dan has been watching them wheeling and soaring from his job on the Parkway. Then, he heard the news about the nest, and that the Franklin Institute has set up a camera inside the window so that we can all watch the hawk family live, online, whenever the sun is up.

We like to keep a window open on the computer so we can keep tabs on their comings and goings. Two days ago, there were two eggs. Sunday, we were out of town and missed the activities, but today, a THIRD egg is there.

A few minutes ago, I was watching the eggs while the feathers lining the nest flutter around, and cars roll by in the background. Then, I looked up, and there she was: the mama hawk. The mama and papa take turns sitting on the nest. (I can't tell them apart, but Dan can.) Dan and I take turns fretting over their well-being. When the eggs are uncovered, we check the temperature out and wonder if the eggs are warm enough, if the parents have been gone too long, etc.

I'm sure they will be fine, but I will fret for them just the same. I can't wait until the eggs hatch, and we can watch hawk chickies do their hawk chick thing. This is way, way better than the Discovery Channel, even.

[Edited to add the link to the webcam: http://www2.fi.edu/hawknest.php]


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