I think more websites should be like this one:

It's full of information and great pictures, and if you go there looking for one simple thing, it's easy to get fully distracted and suddenly caring more about a subject than you ever thought you would. (Oooh...what do Spanish playing cards look like, compared to Swiss ones?)

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( Mar. 7th, 2009 12:47 pm)
My latest tv-over-the-internet fave is the show Mythbusters. I am hopelessly addicted. I especially like the practical episodes: they can blow things up and launch them from catapults all they want, but what I really want to know is how to escape from a car that's sinking underwater (many ways), or if eating poppyseed bagels can make you test a false positive on a drug test (they can).

Dan and I watch these episodes on Netflix, and both of us enjoy them. I surprised Dan the other night, however, with a dreamy sigh and a comment over Jamie. "Jamie's your guy?" he asked. "I would have thought Adam appealed more to the ladies, with his goofy off-beat sense of humor." Nope. For the purposes of celebrity crushes, I much prefer Jamie, with his dry humor and deadpan reactions.

Jamie's on the left, with his beret. Adam's the one on the right, with his goofy face.

So, other Mythbusters fans: who's more crush-worthy?

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After many years, I have a new cel phone.

It has a camera.

It plays musical ringtones. (Right now it's Johnny Cash.)

It came with a free colored faceplate design thing, I picked a pink knitted-looking one (it's a photo of stockinette stitches.)

I'm not sure how to work it, exactly.

It keeps taking pictures of the inside of my handbag.

I don't know what else it can do. If I knew, I could probably rule a small country with it.

The whole phone situation reminds me of my high school physics teacher, who always said "You gotta be smarter than the tools you use!" Then, he'd add, in a mutter, "my parents wouldn't let me play with a hammer."


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