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( Aug. 20th, 2010 09:14 pm)
I love it when knitting and art collides, when knitwork gets elevated to fine art, or Art takes a swoop through arts and crafts.

And when I saw this photo, it nearly took my breath away:

by artist Helen Pynor, website here: http://helenpynor.com/

Some people knit socks, and some knit...feet.

I love the way it's photographed, with the toes dangling to just barely touch the floor, with the shadow of the fabric creating phantom twins of feet.

(Plus, for an added twist, it's knit of human hair.)
On Christmas eve, after church (!), Alex and I sat knitting while Dan read. Mabel fell asleep on top of my knitting book, and Lola fell asleep on top of Mabel.

title or description

gratuitous cuteness )

I was riding home on the trolley the other day when I passed a park, where the trees were dressed in sweaters.

They are mostly cut-up sweaters and sleeves of sweaters, to which buttons have been added to make them fit the tree.

Two lucky trees, however, are wearing hand-knit sweaters, in orange and yellow stripes.

It made me really happy, to live in a neighborhood where someone dresses trees, and sometimes when graffiti happens, it's hand-made, with yarn.

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( Feb. 3rd, 2009 08:47 am)
Mabel is Lola's BFF, she lives across the street from us. One day a week, Lola spends the day with Mabel. They go to the farm and work very hard, tending horses and pretending to "herd" chickens, eating horse shit and rolling in the mud, and Lola gets to pretend she is a big, tough farm dog. At the end of the day they sack out in front of the heater, exhausted.

Then, one day a week, Mabel spends the day at OUR house. Life is a little different on this side of the street. At our house, we often sleep in til noon, and Mabel gets to come in the bed with the people and the whole family of pets and people snuggle all together. Then, we make pancakes or french toast or something and sit around and drink coffee for a while.

And THEN (because this is MY house, after all) we have a fashion show, and all the doggies get to wear clothing:

(Mabel, you are so cute, with your funny little underbite.)

Yes, pink. If you'd have asked me two months ago what the phrase "fall colors" meant, I would have said (and very confidently so) "fall colors are usually things like orange, yellow, brown." I'd have classified pink as a spring and summer color.

And I'd have been putting false constraints on nature's palette.

Because fall is also pink...gloriously pink, bright pink, HOT pink, even, and fuschia.

I collected lots of evidence today, and carried it home tucked carefully in the pages of my library book (When You are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris).

I wish I'd gotten home earlier, before it got dark out, and taken a picture in natural daylight. This is in the camera flash, and it doesn't do it justice (but it's better than using the room's lightbulb light). These leaves are GLORIOUS, and they're all from different trees. I mean, do you see the little helicopter seed pods? I had no idea those were made in pink! It's ridiculous! I love it!

And on a related topic, I am knitting a Celebratory Fall Scarf out of this yarn:

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( Feb. 29th, 2008 05:13 pm)
Finally, the internet offers me something good for the day. This comes by way of [livejournal.com profile] breadcamesliced:

Now doesn't everyone want a baby lamb in a sweater? I sure do. I wonder if that sweater's wool.
Gather 'round, my knitty/crafty friends, and behold this:

title or description

...very small knitted paintbrush.

[livejournal.com profile] anne_jumps posted this link yesterday, and I simply can't get it out of my mind.

It's crazy/small knitting, done on pins with thread, and so perfectly done on such a ridiculous tiny scale.

title or description

It looks like magic to me.

title or description

I mean, really. This is absurd. I keep holding up my fingers and looking at them, and then looking back at the picture. Then, in the same moment, I'm just crazy enough to be tempted to try this myself...I mean, they're short projects, they don't take much in materials! But it just might be too crazy, even for me.

But they're soooo beautiful, in such a wacky way.


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