I'm writing this here in case there's anyone else who, like me, loves pumpkin-flavored everything, but can't stand the syrupy fake-flavored stuff that coffee shops are buying to make all their "Pumpkin spice" products these days.

It's really EASY to make "pumpkin" flavored coffee, yourself. You just put a bit of cinnamon, nutmeg, and a tiny, tiny bit of ground cloves (yes: the "pumpkin spices!") in your coffee filter with the grounds, before brewing your coffee.

Voila, a true "pumpkin spice" flavor that makes everything feel like fall, without that godawful aftertaste and chemical mouth-coating that flavoring-in-a-pump products have.

You're welcome.
daphnep: (girl crossing)
( Nov. 23rd, 2011 12:48 pm)

...Yellow shoes on an autumn day!


Yes, pink. If you'd have asked me two months ago what the phrase "fall colors" meant, I would have said (and very confidently so) "fall colors are usually things like orange, yellow, brown." I'd have classified pink as a spring and summer color.

And I'd have been putting false constraints on nature's palette.

Because fall is also pink...gloriously pink, bright pink, HOT pink, even, and fuschia.

I collected lots of evidence today, and carried it home tucked carefully in the pages of my library book (When You are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris).

I wish I'd gotten home earlier, before it got dark out, and taken a picture in natural daylight. This is in the camera flash, and it doesn't do it justice (but it's better than using the room's lightbulb light). These leaves are GLORIOUS, and they're all from different trees. I mean, do you see the little helicopter seed pods? I had no idea those were made in pink! It's ridiculous! I love it!

And on a related topic, I am knitting a Celebratory Fall Scarf out of this yarn:



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