You've probably heard about how animal shelters in California have been so completely overrun with Chihuahuas lately, that in some cities there are more homeless chis than there are pit bulls. (One of many articles on the subject here)

Now reports that Virgin Airlines is undertaking a project to fly Chi-pookies to other shelters around the country to disperse the "overstock", if you will. Virgin has a completely adorable set of photographs of traveling dogs on their Facebook page, here.

Clearly, this is a nice PR move and a great opportunity to advertise their service using adorable pictures of traveling dogs. But as I myself gear up for another cross-country trip with my own frequent-flyer mouse-face, I have to say that I heartily approve. I don't know what specific shelters are receiving "deliveries" of little dogs (that I can refer you to additional adoption resources) but I do think that if your life has been lacking in love or affection and if you have a little room (and just a little room will do) for a furry creature in your world (and under the covers in your bed), you might want to look into it.
On Christmas eve, after church (!), Alex and I sat knitting while Dan read. Mabel fell asleep on top of my knitting book, and Lola fell asleep on top of Mabel.

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( Apr. 21st, 2007 05:19 pm)

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