I'm writing this here in case there's anyone else who, like me, loves pumpkin-flavored everything, but can't stand the syrupy fake-flavored stuff that coffee shops are buying to make all their "Pumpkin spice" products these days.

It's really EASY to make "pumpkin" flavored coffee, yourself. You just put a bit of cinnamon, nutmeg, and a tiny, tiny bit of ground cloves (yes: the "pumpkin spices!") in your coffee filter with the grounds, before brewing your coffee.

Voila, a true "pumpkin spice" flavor that makes everything feel like fall, without that godawful aftertaste and chemical mouth-coating that flavoring-in-a-pump products have.

You're welcome.

From: [identity profile] lawbabeak.livejournal.com

You can even be seriously lazy and buy a jar of "pumpkin spice," which is simply a blend of the three spices mentioned, in the spice aisle.

I wonder about people who use spices so rarely, that it makes sense to just buy "pumpkin spice." I own it because someone specifically required it in a recipe. Don't know why I bothered.

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Allspice. I forgot one. Maybe that one-jar conglomerate is for people who are prone to leave things out.

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Went to the ghiradelli factory yesterday and had pumpkin caramel chocolate squares. It was awesome.


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