Missoni made a line of clothing and home goods for Target, which launched yesterday, flooding the stores and crashing their website. Within hours, the goods were on Ebay, for much more than Target was offering them for, and some of the items for sale on Ebay at elevated prices aren't even sold out on Target.com, yet. Most things are, though...so I guess the few remainders will be, soon.

I'm sort of disappointed, but a little more amused. I had seen the preview for items and wasn't that impressed. I thought maybe I'd get a scarf or two, but for the most part, as a long-time Missoni fan, I thought it was obviously a "downmarket" line of products. The whole beauty of the fashion house, to me, is that they're really attentive to their fibers and textiles and dyeing processes, so they come up with very subtle and amazing color combinations. The items I saw on the Target preview (and indeed, as they appeared) seemed visibly "cheaper". Instead of carefully gradated dye colors in the knits that create zig-zags, they just decided to do "a Missoni-esque zig-zag." As if the zig-zag alone is enough. To me, that seems to reduce the whole artistry of the line.

Take this photo, for example, from yesterday's brand launch:

The woman on the left is wearing Missoni. The woman on the right is wearing Missoni for Target.

To me, the difference is obvious. The Target line seems to be created for someone who wants the name brand, more than the actual style or fashion. The stripe pattern becomes just a name emblazoned over the item. I know there are a lot of customers out there who buy into this (the people who want the Tiffany blue box as much as any jewelry that comes inside of it, for example, or the ones who prefer a tee-shirt that clearly says "Chanel" on front to a nicely tailored Chanel suit, etc.) so it's inevitable that many of these more cheaply-made items will sell on Ebay for more than their upscale counterparts. The Target designs, among a certain demographic, will be more recognizable than the more elusive pieces, because they've been more heavily advertised, and then memorized.

Which I guess is actually good for me, because maybe now it'll be easier to score on something better, if I keep an eye out...

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It made the Los Angeles news yesterday - because women swarmed the local Targets and crashed their website in their quest for cheap stuff with stripes.

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Yep! I was disgusted at first, but now that I know it's because they were putting it up on Ebay, it all makes a lot more sense.

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I thought the same. It looks like my exhaustive fashion website reading is paying off, because I thought the new things looked just terrible.

Though I heard Target's going to start carrying a line of Josie Natori bras. That might be worth lining up for...

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I really like Missoni, and have a Missoni-esque knockoff dress I'm very fond of, but the Target stuff is just dreadful. I managed to get on the web site yesterday and I didn't like anything except the white/gray/black prints (which have a tiny bit more of the subtlety you mentioned). I ended up looking at M Missoni at nordstrom.com to see if they had anything I liked better. Then I went to niemanmarcus.com and noticed that I like the Missoni better than M Missoni. Figures. :P I guess they're going in my Wishbook Folder, because I'm holding out for Pucci first. :)

It's funny, I really love Missoni prints and Pucci prints, but even then the name or style is not enough to get me to buy something. I have to fall in love with that particular print.

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I saw this collection a few weeks ago and thought it looked cheap. They always sell Missoni-esque tank tops at Easy Pickens (AKA Sleazy Pickens) in a really horrible acrylic fabric, and this is what the Target collection looked like. I did really want one of the Missoni Target mini skirts, though. But they were $40.00. Seriously, I thought they'd be $20 to $25, no more. I can get a great skirt for $40 at Marshalls or Burlington. I wouldn't have gotten the skirt for $40 even if I had the chance.

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The "Strawberries" chain in NYC also has regular cheap acrylic Missoni knockoffs.

And now you can probably get that same skirt on Ebay for $90 or more. :D

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You're probably a shade too young to remember this, but Roy Halston was a major designer back in days of yore. In the late 70s / early 80s his house partnered with Penny's to bring his clothes to the masses and bring the masses to his clothes. The only real impact it had was to cheapen the appeal of his name. Same thing a few years later with Sergio Valenti.

Now, I've seen the Missoni label in Target for years, but it wasn't until news of the run / crash hit the news I knew it was a legit design line. That, I think, says more about my concern over fashion these days than it does about them.

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Not that it matters, Lola runs totally nekkid these days. How weird is that? Sweaters in a warm climate, move north, and suddenly it's NEKKID CHIWAWA all the time.
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I'll still dress mine when it's cold out, but when it's snowy they have to be nekkid because snow is wet (who knew?). But before moving here anything below sixty was a call for OUTFITS!

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This isn't really relevant, but isn't that the woman on the right Angela Missoni? She is lovely. I just saw her in the last photo of the Spring/Summer 2012 runway on Style.com (see if this link works) and thought I recognized her from your photo. I have to look for more photos of her in her own designs. I get SO tired of only seeing designer clothes on clothes hanger models, especially since Missoni prints look particularly interesting when they flow over curves.
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