Yeah, sure...but there's no guarantee he's bringing you through it alive. Remember Job? He's the star of the tale...but what happened to his wife? His sons? How do you know if you're the protagonist, or just somebody who gets killed along the way, the sidekick to somebody else's journey "through it"?

No, I'm pretty sure you inherit that. Never heard of anyone yet who's succeeded in willpowering their way to a new genetic code. Or, you know, shit happens to it along the illness, and injury, and all sorts of stuff...unless you think you've earned that, too.

Oh, honey, that's only if you haven't done nearly enough.

Nope, that's called "my husband's workplace". God, who comes up with these things?

(all images taken from

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ugh i know , i hate those bullshit affirmations. the one that always annoys me the most is the 12-step-ism about god only giving you enough that you can handle. i asked my sponsor once, so what about people who kill themselves? or die from cancer or something? and she went on another bullshit 12-step-influenced speech about "everything happening for a reason" and "life being a journey"

and that last one is just weird.

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That's exactly it: I mean, suicide. Obviously, some people ARE given more than they can bear, otherwise, there'd be no such thing as suicide.

God, this shit makes me feel stabby. And I'd love somebody to fill in that so-called "reason".

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I so agree with you. First of all, I don't think"God" gave me all the things that have happened. Also, I know people have been tried past their ability to cope.

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I wish! God...the gulf between art and Pinterest motivationals, I feel depressed, now.


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